Under Support Center > Tickets you can find all tickets raised by your SkuVault account users or by SkuVault agents on your behalf. Please see here for details on accessing the Support Center. Below you can find further information on our support tickets.

Ticket statuses

Each ticket line on the main page of the Tickets tab will display the ticket status. Here is a short overview of the statuses you may come across:

  • Being Processed - a ticket that has just been created and/or is actively being worked on by one of our agents.
  • Answered - one of our agents has replied to the inquiry. If there are no further replies to a ticket in status
    Answered, it will be automatically closed after 10 days.
  • Awaiting your reply - one of our agents has replied to the inquiry asking for further details to proceed with the
    investigation. When a ticket is in status Awaiting your reply, users will receive reminders to reply after and
    10 days. If no reply is provided within 14 days, the ticket will be automatically closed.
  • Pending - this status is assigned to tickets that are linked to active development cards for bug
    fixes, new features or optimizations. Once the linked development card is released, users will
    receive a notification and the ticket will be automatically closed. 
  • Resolved - the inquiry in the ticket is answered and the ticket is marked as resolved by either a user or the
    agent. The ticket will be automatically closed after 2 days.
  • Closed - the ticket will no longer be worked on and is only stored in the system for you to access when
    needed. Any closed tickets can be reopened by replying to them if needed. Tickets are marked as Closed when:
    • The matter is resolved and the ticket was closed by a user, an agent or automatically by the system
      after being in status Resolved for 2 days.
    • The ticket was assigned status Answered and there were no further replies in the ticket after 10 days.
    • The ticket was assigned the status Awaiting your reply and no reply was provided after 14 days.

Filtering tickets

You can filter tickets based on their status:

  • All Tickets - displays all tickets on your account regardless of the status.
  • Open or Pending - displays only tickets that are still waiting on a resolution or further actions (Being 
    Processed, Answered, Awaiting your reply, Pending).
  • Resolved or Closed - displays tickets that are marked as resolved by a user/agent or tickets closed
    automatically by the system.

Sorting tickets

You can sort tickets by different criteria:

  • Date Created - sorts the displayed tickets by their creation date and time.
  • Last Modified - sorts the displayed tickets by the date and time of the last activity.
  • Status - sorts the displayed tickets by their status.
  • Ascending - specifies that the sorting will be applied in ascending order, from lowest to highest.
  • Descending - specifies that the sorting will be applied in descending order, from highest to lowest.

Working with a ticket

To view and reply to a ticket, find it in the Tickets tab in the Support Center and click on the title. This will open the ticket in a new view.

  • Home - leads back to help.linnworks.com main page
  • Tickets list - leads back to the Tickets tab
  • Reply) - opens a free text box to provide a reply to the ticket.
  • Mark ticket as closed () - allows you to close the ticket. Not displayed for tickets that are already closed.
  • Add people to conversation ( ) - allows you to add other email addresses as CC to the ticket. Multiple
    addresses can be added separated by a comma. Not displayed for closed tickets.
  • Status | Time (yellow bar) - displays the current status of the ticket and how long the ticket has been in
    that status. For closed tickets, it also provides the Reply link which can be used to reopen the ticket.
  • Ticket number and title - each support ticket has a unique ticket number for reference. The title
    displayed here is the value specified in the Subject field during ticket creation. 
  • Your name and time reported - displays your name as specified in the Support Center profile and the time
    when the ticket was created.
  • Main body - displays the ticket's text along with further replies. User replies are marked with a light grey
    background, while replies from Linnworks agents will display with a light yellow background.
  • Click here to reply to this ticket opens a free text box to provide a reply to the ticket. Not displayed for
    closed tickets. Closed tickets can be reopened and replied to by clicking the Reply link on the yellow bar
    displaying the status.
  • Agent Working on This Ticket - displays the name of the Linnworks agent working on the ticket.
  • Satisfaction Rating - only displayed for closed tickets. Enables users to rate their support experience.
    Note that the aim is to rate the agent's performance, and not the system or technical issue.
  • Ticket details - displays ticket details like Type, Category, and others, as selected during ticket creation. 
  • Assigned to - displays the name of the Linnworks agent that the ticket is assigned to.
  • Status displays the current status of the ticket.
  • Updatesaves any changes made to Ticket details.